Design Consultation
All Spaces Redefined services begin with an interior consultation to assess your space and establish your goals, needs, and desires. Spaces Redefined will assist you with developing a plan of action specifically based on your lifestyle, personal preferences, and budget. We will provide you with options and suggestions as to how we can best address your specific design needs and desires. Redesign, paint palette coordination, shopping assistance and more can achieve the desired result for your interiors! A written summary of each consultation is available after the consultation.

Interior redesign offers an alternative to traditional interior design by using your existing furnishings and accessories in a fresh, innovative way to update or create the look and feel you seek. Redesign may be all that is needed to achieve your desired outcome. It can also be the first step in recreating your interiors based upon our theory ... "If you do not use what you already own to the best advantage, you cannot determine what you may need or desire to enhance your space." Redesign is a practical and cost effective approach to redefining your space!

Real Estate Redesign/Staging
Spaces Redefined offers services to promote properties for sale or rent. We can assist you in presenting your property in the most effective way to create a powerful first impression ... one that is formed within the first two minutes of viewing a property! A consultation will provide you with a checklist of what is needed to enhance your home or rental property for marketing purposes. De-personalizing, eliminating clutter, assessing color and lighting, and a redesign of existing furnishings/accessories are just a few of the methods we use to create an atmosphere that says "I can imagine myself living here!" Investing in showing your property in the very best light raises the value of your property (whether for sale or lease) while costing far less than your first price reduction! Spaces Redefined gives you an edge in a very competitive marketplace!

Design a la carte
There are those who do not desire or require the full services of a traditional interior design service. Some just need guidance and assistance in "pulling their interiors together" but want to manage the project themselves. They may need bits and pieces of our services... Spaces Redefined answers that need by offering coaching and consultation pertaining to specific parts of an interior project. Color? Lighting? Accessorizing? Shopping Assistance? Whatever you need... you can order it a la carte.

Traditional Design Service
Traditional services such as selecting color schemes, furniture and accessories, fabrics, finishes and more are available to new and existing spaces alike!

Photos available upon request.
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