susan-brockSusan has more than 25 years of experience in the design field. She has worked extensively in the home furnishing industry. She has also worked as: a fashion designer, retail buyer, consultant, entrepreneur, teacher, writer, and interior designer. Throughout her career, she has repeatedly returned to her passion, REDESIGN, and has achieved success through incorporating her philosophy into each facet of her projects.

Susan believes that redesign is essential to meet the many needs of today's clients.
By definition, redesign is the act of taking what exists and using it in a fresh and innovative way to create balance, harmony, comfort, and convenience. It is essential in meeting the needs, desires, and challenges of our surroundings (environment). Because very few people wish to "start from scratch", for a variety of reasons, redesign provides an excellent platform for recreating your space and giving it new life. Regardless of budget or taste, it is difficult to determine what is needed if what you already have is not first arranged/displayed in the best possible light. Redesign requires not so much "critical eye" as a willingness to dwell within in the possibilities where"change" becomes transformation. Redesign may be an end unto itself, or it may be the first step on the path to other design enhancements of your space.

Susan's goal is to assist clients in transforming their spaces, be it home, office or retail environment, through the process of redesign.

  • Interior Redesign Industry Specialist, IRIS
  • Certified Interior Staging Specialist, CISS
  • Dewey Color Consultant, DCC